Online Prospecting For MLM Leads

You’re going to have a few options available to you to get MLM leads off the internet – the paid way and the free way. They are both effective methods, but each has their own advantages. When you get right down to it, it is how fast you need things to work and how much of a budget you have available to you. The key is to attract prospective MLM downlines to your website and capture their email or other contact details. Once you have their contact, they have given you permission to share with them  your MLM business opportunity.

The free methods available to you are organic traffic from search engines, posting on forums, writing articles for directories, doing some blogging, viral marketing, press releases and many more methods.

The paid methods involve PPC (Pay Per Click), advertising through a CPA, sponsored reviews, lists, press releases (paid) and paid banner advertising. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Things You Should Know in Order to Generate More MLM Leads

In order to generate more qualified leads for your network marketing business you need to put yourself into the shoes of your prospects. Identify their needs and market your product or service accordingly – at the early stage your prospect is much more concerned what the benefits for him or her are rather than in how great your product is.

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Building An Online MLM Business In 9 Steps

In order to succeed in your MLM business venture you need to recruit a lot of qualified leads and one of the best ways to do exactly that and gain great exposure is to establish an online presence. This is way easier than most people think – you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in order to have your own network marketing website, all you have to do is follow these nine easy steps:

  1. Buy a domain name. Unfortunately most of the great domain names already have been registered, but you can still register a catchy two-word domain even today. Two of the best-known and reasonably priced registrars are and – they charge $9-10 per a .com name and are known for their good customer service.
  2. Find a host for your domain name – since your website will not stream videos or serve large files a small (in the $5-10 dollar monthly fee range) plan will do just fine. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Tips of Using Social Media to Market Your MLM Business

If you want to boost your MLM business into success, try to build one of its platforms on social media. As commonly recognized, social media refers to video, audio and blogging. Having so little boundaries and reaching millions of people throughout the globe, social media can be an excellent marketing tool for your MLM business.

Here are some simple tips on how to do it:

Blog It
Own a WordPress blog. There are plenty of free beautiful WordPress templates you can choose. Host the blog on your own hosting account so that you can have greater accessibility and control over it.
Post to the blog some articles you’ve written on your own. Write about something you’ve been passionate about MLM business. Try to keep each article short, for four or five paragraphs (around 200 – 300 words) long. Short articles keep your blog attractive, while too long ones will make it simply boring. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pitfalls of Front Loading In MLM

In any MLM or network marketing businesses, distributors would have their own strategies at earning maximum income as soon as they understand the marketing plans. Ambitious distributors would go all out to make personal sales and sponsor as many new downlines as fast as possible.

One of the ways distributors go about their MLM business is accumulation of rewards that allows him to save up purchase products and accumulate point value in order to reach the next rank as easily as possible. So a distributor can purchase products with the point value that he needs to push his ranking up. Should he need 10,000 points to go from 5% to 10%, he can purchase products of 3,000 points in the first month, 2,000 points in the second and 3,000 points in the third month. Let’s see the pros and cons of   this sales strategy by some distributors. Read the rest of this entry »

MLM Compensation Myths Demystified

There are some common misconceptions regarding compensation plans both for the distributor and the company that need to be explained further.

I will only be a serious builder once I find the best company plan .
There are people who do not work hard enough in their business, that they blame the plan for their failure. They blame the plan, the management, or even call them a scam. If you decide to leave a company for a better plan, make sure you leave strictly based on business reasons and not to justify your failure! Read the rest of this entry »